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2010年に帰国後、フリージャズユニット「pd」を結成。2015年にpd初となるミニアルバム「usagi to neko」をリリース。森山威男、坂田明、小山彰太、Paal Nilssen-Loveをはじめとする著名なミュージシャンとも多数共演。現在は様々なセッションに参加、東海地区を中心に活動中。


Born in 1986 in Okazaki, Aichi, Nana has spent her childhood in Indonesia for 7 years. Being introduced to contemporary music at Jakarta International School, she decided to pursue contemporary/modern music at university in USA. She studied at Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana and got Bachelor's and Master's degrees in piano performance.

Besides playing piano, she also actively participated in marching band, pep band, wind ensemble and jazz ensemble as a trombone/euphonium player. While she studied at Butler, she also worked for Butler as an assistant accompanist as a part of her tuition waiver program, and as a jazz piano instructor for Indiana's community art school.

While her stay in Indianapolis, she worked as a freelance musician and was involved in various music events in the community, including playing at parties, church services, community music festivals, civil ballet and orchestra, contests and recitals, and many more places. Back to Japan in 2010, she formed "pd", a free-jazz duo unit with a female drummer. In 2016, pd released their first mini album "usagi to neko". Notable musicians she collaborated with include Takeo Moriyama (ds), Akira Sakata (as), Shota Koyama (ds) and many more. Currently She's actively performing with various musicians and artists of versatile genres mainly in Tokai area in Japan.

She's very much into playing retro video games and cuddling with her black fuzzy rabbit "Miu".


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